doctor: i need anaesthetic



Dream Update!


HUGE update. Many move-outs and move-ins since last update. A few pwp changes. Lots of flower changes, ect. Visit and see it for yourself.

79 of you visited so far! Thanks everyone ;w;

Anyway, without further ado-here is the Dream Address!


aesthetic etc

hot summer nights

lobo sent me a homework set via letter. is this sign that i should work on my thesis more lmao


i need medical attention immediately

These are a few of my favorite AC blogs that help me get through the day: tulilipscrossing, disco-kk, chocolate-crossing, seabassbitch, mushroommoriprincess, cherry-crosssing, and sp19047! :)

OH HEY im so glad chocolatecrossing reblogged this or i definitely wouldn’t have seen it! aww this legit brought a big smile to my face!!! i’m so glad i help making your life a little more enjoyable dear friend :)


Another theory about why villagers’ shirts always end up sleeveless, this time in Jock Edition (and in color)!  Companion theory here.


there wasn’t one goddamn anaconda in that entire video


The sky was so beautiful last night that I had to redraw Van Gogh’s Starry Night on it. I regret nothing.

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